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Mountain Horses

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Looking for a breed representation photo!


King of the Trail!  "Mountain Horses" have been bred in the hills of Kentucky for 200 years.  They are currently registered in three different registries.  Equinfinity has a special interest in breed preservation and the folks who have the dedication to protect them.  If you would like to add anything, please feel free to submit items.  Especially any historical information or photos.  Please read on and learn more about these wonderful gaited and ohhh so gentle animals. 

Equinfinity's Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Page

Equinfinity's Mountain Pleasure Horse Page

Equinfinity's Rocky Mountain Horse Page

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association

Mountain Pleasure Horse Association  - Formed in 1989 to preserve and protect.

Rocky Mountain Horse Association - Preserving the Rocky Mountain Horse since 1986.

United Mountain Horse Association - Organization providing a place to exhibit, promote and celebrate all three Mountain Horse breeds, with all of the unique qualities found in each breed and each individual. These are the "Mountain Horses" originating in  the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, and they are the best of the gaited horse world!



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