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Horse of the Month 

Horse of the Month, Willem S.
Photos loading...Willem is worth the wait!

Photo copyright Gloria Muscrella

Born in Ontario, California on March 9th 1991 is a FPS registered Friesian Stallion out of Barteld and Jinke S., owned by Fred DeBoer. As a baby Willem caught his foot in a fence and was injured. Fred says Willem has never traveled the same sense. He says Willem does not reach like he should. Willem was turned down for breeding rights due to his short stride by the Dutch Judges.

Willem was at Fred DeBoer's ranch kind of on a vacation (so to speak).  He was able to go on grass turn out or stay in a nice indoor stall. That's where Michael Pariseau entered the picture.  He saw Willem at various shows and said "I want to train that horse", " I can teach him so much", Fred DeBoer said "you can't teach that horse".  At the age of 7and after Michael begging and begging, he finally talked Fred into training that horse. Fred told Michael about his injury as a baby and Michael replied that the High School Training should lengthen his stride and free him up some in the shoulder. This fixing the problem that had been holding Willem back for years. Willem went home with Michael, and Michael says he has never trained a horse that has such a natural talent to passage or piaffe. Willem loves to show off!!  Willem picked up High School Dressage in a record amount of time and Michael started showing him at fairs, trade show and other major events around the world.

Willem has met Sara Ferguson, the Duchess of York and many other celebrities.  He has done many promotional stunts for many different things, including going thru a little door to stand on a red carpet while doing a television spot and much more... Willem was also the first Mane N Tail horse for Straight Arrow Products.  Willem is 16'3 weighs about 1400 lbs., his mane comes to his knees and his forelock is past his nose, he is nothing but drop dead gorgeous.

In 1999, Willem and another stallion of Michael's were invited to perform at The first Equitana Australia but due to unforeseen circumstances they were unable to make the trip. This year Equitana Australia has asked Michael
and his boys back, and Willem is one of the headlining horses! 

Michael would also like to thank Fred De Boer for the opportunity to train
and care for such a magnificent animal, and Michael knows that Fred is very
proud of his boy. Willem is trained and shown by world renown trainer and
clinician, Michael Pariseau of Hidden Springs Equestrian Center & Stallion

Photo copyright Gloria Muscrella

From the Web Maven: We would like to see Willem & Michael at 
Equitana USA
in Louisville!   (so we could see them perform in person!)

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